Today’s cool drawing is by Robert Simpson, who has a fan page on Facebook. Thanks, Robert! You can also follow him on Twitter at @robertesimpson.

The latest pinup artist I’m announcing is the fantastic Elliot Cowan! He is an Australian animator who lives in Queens, New York and has just completed his first animated feature. It’s called The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead; the teaser trailer is right over here. Elliot was kind enough to assist me with my video for the Kickstarter site so I’m thrilled he’s available to do double duty and appear in the physical book itself.

Speaking, of course, of the Kickstarter… We’re down to just under three days left to get to higher stretch goals. I’m so happy we’ve passed the $6000 mark… The $7000 level is within reach! Let’s keep going… I will unlock the secret $8000 level on Monday, as well as release the name of the final pinup artist for the book. He’s a big one!