This one was a very special surprise. Lar DeSouza is one of my favorite webcomics artists (he draws Looking For Group, among others) and when this popped up in my inbox I was thrilled beyond belief. So much so that I asked Lar if he’d do a second pinup for Strangebeard, Vol. 1. He agreed! He’ll be drawing Captain Morder for the book.

There is an article about me in today’s Meridian Booster, which is the newspaper for my home town of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Thanks to Simon Arseneau for interviewing me.
I also appeared on the radio show Where Monsters Dwell this week where I announced Mr. Nick Bradshaw as my sixth pinup contributor for the physical book. Nick is a great friend who’s a ‘young gun’ at Marvel right now. He’s been working on characters such as Wolverine, The X-Men, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m very proud to add him to the roster.