Last 48 hours! Augh! Can we make it to the last two stretch goals?!

Today’s drawing is by Eugene Park, a fellow I found on deviantArt. He’s done quite a few drawings of Strangebeard but this one also features his pirate Red Roger and Roger’s cool golden sword. Check out Eugene’s work right over here.

Last night for Kickstarter backers, I revealed the ninth (and final) pinup artist for the book: it’s Tim Sale! Tim is my all-time favorite artist and I’m pleased as punch he’s contributing. To check out his rough sketch, just head on over to the Kickstarter page. I’m also adding Nick Bradshaw’s original art for his pinup as a new reward level, so you might want to hop on that. If we make it to $7000, I’ll be able to translate and mirror the site into French (for my home province of Quebec) and if we hit $8000 I will expand the book to include an all-new short story about Strawberry Sam! Let’s do it!