Welcome to Port Fortune! One of the last free ports in the Endless Oceans, where a pirate can sell her ill-gotten gains and re-stock for the long months at sea! Pay attention to the wanted posters in The Red Mermaid.

Today’s appearances are thanks to Timo DeLaive, a good friend of mine and Kickstarter backer. He requested his Uncle Redmer be the cameo in the strip, and I added in his nephew Safo (who is a great kid). I doubt I’ve done Redmer justice, his pictures are glorious. I like him so much, he’ll be in Thursday’s page as well!

So, I will be a guest of the Montreal ComicCon this coming weekend in lovely Montreal, Quebec. I won’t have copies of Strangebeard, Volume 1 (they’re stuck in customs) but I will have Strangebeard ashcans, prints, pages for sale, and a portfolio of sketches. I’m posting a preview of my large-scale sketches on my Instagram account, so follow me on that for updates. See you there!