Today’s Kickstarter cameo is Renée-Claude Dostie, who is an artist in life and appears as one in the comic.

I re-designed Jenny a bit after Volume 1. I wanted her to look a little older and I really liked how artists interpreted her during the hiatus. I added a tunic and vest and changed her hair slightly. I thought in the intervening days between the Morder fight and the docking at Port Fortune that Jenny would have rooted through the clothes in the “Crashing Boar” and found some more piratical duds that fit well. Did you notice the change?

I will be at the Montreal ComicCon this weekend. I’ll have my production sample of Strangebeard, Volume 1 for you to look through. I’m also previewing some of my larger sketches on my Instagram account. If some don’t sell, I will offer them for sale online very soon.