But what is Sargassus? Or who?

We’re back, everyone! Major apologies for the delay; my family has been uprooted from Montreal and planted in Edmonton. It’s taken ages to get my workplace back up and running again, but we should be back without any major hiccups from here on out. I’ve been updating The Adventurers regularly for two weeks now, so be sure to check those out as well. And, alas, say goodbye to Zöe Wild who dies as a fulfillment of my Kickstarter! Crewman Ryan Closs appears to have suffered a similar fate!

We’re at five Patreon subscribers! The next issue of Pirate Week Monthly is due next week, and to help encourage new subscribers I’ve added a ten dollar level that allows you a sketch card in the mail every single month. A great way to collect a group of characters, such as the Avengers or Batman’s rogue’s gallery, or even the famous pirates of the Caribbean’s golden age. Check out the Patreon here and subscribe!

Tune in on Thursday to meet a brand new Pirate Master!