I’ve been planning this story for a very long time. I’m incredibly pleased to present it to you.

Three Kickstarter appearances in today’s page! Appearing as the surviving crew of the Hodgson’s Hope are, from left to right: Danielle Beatty, Zoë Wild, and Ryan Closs. I’m sure they’ll all live long happy piratical lives…

The Hodgson’s Hope is named after William Hope Hodgson, one of my all-time favorite writers and the inspiration for this arc. He is well-remembered for his nautical adventure stories, and none more so than those involving mossy monsters in the Sargasso Sea. Besides being a gifted sailor and wonderful writer, he was also a proponent of physical fitness. Listen to this quote about Hodgson from writer Sam Moskowitz: “The primary motivation of his body development was not health, but self-defence. His relatively short height and sensitive, almost beautiful face made him an irresistible target for bullying seamen. When they moved in to pulverize him, they would learn too late that they had come to grips with easily one of the most powerful men, pound for pound, in all England.”

Awesome, right?

We’re up to three Patreon subscribers! I love you all. I love you who are about to subscribe even more!