Luck is relative, isn’t it?

The Swampscott Pirates (The Green Pirate, the Purple Pirate and the Blue Pirate) made their first appearance all the way back in Part Two, and appeared most recently at the beginning of this chapter. Their numbers are depleted! But by what… Or by whom?

The Swampscotts are named for the town of Swampscott, Massachusetts (population 13,787), which I visited briefly last year on vacation. The “Lucky Monkey”, I think that’s probably a reference to the three-headed monkey from The Secret of Monkey Island, but I’m not sure. “The Lucky Monkey” is the third ship I’ve designed for the comic: you’ll be seeing The Merchant King’s ship “The King of the Sea” soon. I intentionally left its appearance a mystery in the King’s first appearance. It’s a beaut, though!

My Strangebeard books are arriving tomorrow! Updates to Kickstarter backers soon. Happy Thanksgiving, if you happen to be in Canada (where I am).