Sorry for the delays here; between my six-month-old and the Kickstarter (to speak nothing of freelance work) my dance card is very full.

Speaking of the Kickstarter… I got the books! I’ll start sending out the first bunch of them next week, and I’m currently hard at work setting up a little signing tour of eastern Canada. More information available as it happens!
The books look pretty great, I’m very happy with them. The company I used is called PrintNinja, and they really came through for me… the cover stock is very nice and the gold foil logo looks better than I had hoped.

I’m also working with my translator, Michel Lacombe, on translating Strangebeard into French! The Ghost Pirate’s Gift will be available to read online in French in early 2015, if all goes well. I’d very much like to print the book in French as well, but that’s a ways down the line.