So, we’re going to cross the 10,000-hits mark today. Thanks so much, everybody!

I’ve been planning this big reveal for a very long time; Lemmy the Gambling Dog is a huge part of the Strangebeard universe and I’m pumped to finally bring him in. To celebrate, I have included cameos from some friends and associates who have been a big part of helping me, encouraging me, or getting the word out about Strangebeard.

Each of the rascals pictured is based roughly on the following, clockwise from top left: Trina (my marvelous wife), Dirk Jort (T. Hanks But No Thanks), Holly Rowland (TopatoCo), Robert Seto (who asked to be in the strip and was just weird enough to pique my interest), Riley Rossmo (my great friend and constant collaborator), Richard Starkings (Elephantmen writer who was good enough to critique my letters), Fiona Staples (artist of the amazing Saga), and Skottie Young (his Oz books are incredible).

The little family on the left are Mike and Francine, my two dear friends, who make their appearance here as a little engagement present along with their new dog Lupe. Congratulations, you three!