“The Shell Inlet Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to town! We don’t like to use the ‘p’ word around here, but everyone is welcome as long as they keep their noses clean, their cutlasses sheathed, and their coin purses wide open!”

I’ll be hanging out at La Grand Boucan this weekend; it’s Montreal’s annual pirate festival down at the Old Port. I’m looking forward to shopping for tricornes, sampling some grog, and listening to some piratical music from my pals at Barbe Or.

Speaking of which, Barbe Or has launched an Indigogo campaign for their comic, Golden Beard. It’s a cool idea: a dead pirate captain (who is also a bear!) is restored to life to re-enact his greatest crimes for the entertainment of Death herself. Go check it out.

Today’s pirate movie recommendation: the fantastic Treasure Island! The 1950 version (starring an iconic Robert Newton as Long John Silver) is my favorite version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s book. The cast is marvelous, the action is exciting, and the sets and ships are a sight to behold. A must-see!