Behold, The Crashing Boar! Terror of the high seas, demon of the waves, and enemy to lubbers everywhere! I first came up with her a couple of years ago and she made an appearance in the very first strip, but she’s been redesigned from hull to crow’s nest and I can’t wait to get her on the ocean.

Designing pirate ships is hard. It was a lot of fun to challenge myself to create something unique in appearance that has enough character to support Jenny’s fairly big supporting cast. I want the Boar to look kinda cool but also a bit past its prime and in need of some love. A big high-five to Norman Garwood, production designer on movies like Cutthroat Island and The Princess Bride, for tons of inspiration. Jenny’s response to the ship is my response to ships in general; I love sailing (having grown up on the prairies with no water to speak of) and I’m always very impressed with boats, especially sailboats. Sailing is an art that I one day hope to learn about, in detail.

I’m doing Inktober this year, where I draw a new ink drawing every day. I’m posting them everyday on Twitter (so follow me there) or you can wait and see a batch of them every ten days on my sketchbook blog right over here.