There might be something worse than a sweaty governor lurking in these waters!

The song that Vickie is singing is paraphrased from the William Hope Hodgson story “The Sea Horses”. Hodgson is someone I’d been familiar with but had never read, and he’s become one of my favorite authors almost immediately. His supernatural marine stories are fantastic, and he has some amazing imagery and even better sound effects. Great reading for autumn, especially for October.

Some good/bad news… The site has grown popular enough that I’ve had to upgrade my hosting package. The bad news is that it costs more money to do the strip, which I do for no upfront pay. If you’ve been on the fence about casting some doubloons into my Donate chest on the right, now would be a lovely time. Thanks again for all the support, everyone… Strangebeard is the most fun thing I’ve ever worked on and every moment working on it is a real pleasure.

More good news: within the next two days, Strangebeard will become the most popular website I’ve ever maintained! It’s already much more popular than That’s So Kraven!, but it will soon eclipse my popular sketchbook blog in all-time hits. How should we celebrate, my gentle readers? Should I open a shop? Let me know if there’s an appetite for Strangemerch in the Comments below.