“You better watch out for Strawberry Sam! She’ll punch your butt and she’s great in a jam! So you’d best watch out for Strawberry Sam!” -ancient mariner’s rhyme

Strawberry Sam was invented by my two-year-old daughter, who misheard me talking about a different pirate and started saying “Strawberry Sam” instead. I fell in love, and immediately realized that a pirate hunter like her would help me solve several storytelling issues that plagued Parts 1-3 and would have bogged down Parts 5 and six. So here we are.

I had a very merry time at Hal-Con this past weekend. Halifax is a delightful city and everyone at the convention couldn’t have been nicer. Big thanks to the volunteers, who ran around like crazy people all weekend and didn’t let us down once. The fans, hey, you guys and girls know you were fantastic. Special (and particular) thanks to the kind folks at Strange Adventures and the East Coast Comic Expo for letting me sit with them during times when I didn’t have a table. They were both lifesavers and it wouldn’t have been half the show without them. And a big big thanks to Kate Leth, Faith Erin Hicks, and Cal Johnston for living up to their reputations as local legends. Cal was good enough to open up Strange Adventures for a little bit on Remembrance Day and a bunch of us did a little shopping and signed some books. I signed every copy of DrumHellar #1 they had (I lettered it) and brought home some amazing goodies that I’ll post on my Instagram account today or tomorrow. Thanks again, everyone… I’ll never be able to thank all of you, my new friends and old, but you were all spectacular.