Happy second birthday, Strangebeard!

In honor of this marvelous anniversary, I’ve launched a Patreon to celebrate. Patreon is a monthly subscription service that allows artists (such as webcomickers) to be supported by their fans (Patrons) while they make the stuff that their fans (you folks) read and enjoy. At the $5/month level, I’m doing a monthly ‘zine filled with pinups, essays, and unpublished comics. It’s called Pirate Week Monthly, and the first issue is available right now to Patrons at that level. Click here to support Strangebeard on Patreon!

Pirate Week Monthly #1

Today’s amazing pinup is by Liam Byrne! You can see more of his psychedelic artwork on his Tumblr. Liam was one of my very first students in my Making Comics class at Syn Studio here in Montreal, and he’s made some remarkable work since then.