Hoorah! We’ve made it to $5500 on the Kickstarter, which means die-cut stickers and b00kmarks are unlocked for everyone at the $25 and up level! Exciting stuff!

Today’s art is by DrumHellar and Green Wake artist Riley Rossmo! Riley contributes a beautiful painting to the Kickstarter for the physical book, but he drew this excellent pinup years ago for me, before Strangebeard was ever more than a seven-page pitch. He’s one of my favorite people so I’m pleased to show this extra bit of Rossmoey goodness.

It’s time to reveal my fourth pinup artist for the physical book: Fiona Staples! She’s an award-nominated artist for her work on the smash hit Image Comics title Saga, and she’s one of comicdom’s finest folks. She’ll be contributing a pinup of the dracula pirate Captain Morder! I’m so pleased to include her in the book, it’s a real honor for me. To recap: the pinup artists revealed thus far are Riley Rossmo, Mike Rooth, Tom Fowler, and Fiona Staples. More to reveal this week!