Please accept my apology for the spotty update schedule lately; my wife is due to give birth to our second child any day now, and I’ve been in and out of hospitals constantly for the last week or so. My daughter is also sick, too… When it rains, it pours!

I’ll try to get another page up this weekend so we clear the week with two pages. I really appreciate you readers sticking by me in a trying time, it means the world to me.

Strangebeard is a surprise contender in the Mix March Madness seeding round! Please click here and go vote for the strip; if it makes it into the Top 128 it’ll move on to the next round.

Lastly; I built a little Facebook page for Strangebeard. Click here to check it out and ‘Like’ it… I will be posting exclusive content to the Facebook page starting this weekend, never-before-seen stuff, so hopefully that’ll make it worthwhile for all of us.