Part Seven begins in earnest this Thursday! It’ll feature the return of some old faces… and possibly the removal of them, too.

I will be doing a signing at the Comic Book Lounge + Gallery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this coming weekend! I’ll be signing from 2-6 on Saturday, November 8th. Here is the Facebook event page; if you’re in Toronto, stop by!

Strangebeard books start heading out this week. If you were at the $25/$30 level, you should see your book over the next week or two! The commission/sketch levels will take a bit longer (there’s something like forty of them!) but I’m hammering away at them as we speak.

I also contributed a drawing to my friend Kristopher’s Kickstarter for his high-octane comic Challenger. You can check it out here. Last I heard, my drawing had already sold but feel free to take a look at the other options. Some great stuff there.