I really like using Vickie and Timm.

Thanks for a good time last weekend, Ottawa! Pop Expo was fun, they treated us very well, and I got to spend some time with my bros at Mirror Comics. Their webstore  has copies of Zomkeys, including the variant ‘zombie mandrill’ cover I did for them. I get a piece of every variant cover sold, so buy ’em if zombies are your thing. Much more violent and intense than Strangebeard, be warned, and not for kids.

I also had a grand old time with table neighbours Tom Fowler and Marco Rudy. Great fellows, both of them. It was great to see Geof Isherwood, Mike Rooth, and a rare treat to spend some time with Howard Chaykin (who is one of my favorite guys in comics). It was a slow show from a sales perspective, but very fun. If you’re interested in seeing some sketches I did at the show, you can check them out on my Instagram account.