Haven’t had the whole crew assembled in quite some time! Best to get the Crashing Boar shipshape for the big ocean voyage to the heart of the Sargassum Sea.

The crew, starting with panel one, are as follows: Sluggo Sealock (former First Mate, demoted to Cabin Boy), Dave (Swab), Maria Q. Ford (Navigator), Papa “Pop” Mojo, Jr. (former Dark Magic Guy, currently Freelance), Sir Charles Rush (Bosun), Robocron (Rush’s robot unicorn hallucination (?)), Red Lewis Red (Gunner, sometime Quartermaster), Mike (Swab), Lemmy (Dog, also Cook), and Sealock again (storytelling!). This page also marks my very first nine-panel grid!

Be sure to check out The Adventurers this week! I put some more unseen art up on my Tumblr page, too. And if you want to hear some more shantys, I suggest YouTube. Here’s a good collection of fun pirate songs.