Hope my gentle readers are having a merry summer. I’ve been enjoying the nice weather, spending time with good friends, and taking in a couple of Just For Laughs shows. JFL is one of the great things about Montreal; stand-up comedians come from around the world to perform for one glorious week in summer. I saw Maria Bamford the other night; she’s one of my five favorite comedians and I got to sit in the front row for her. We’re also going to see Sarah Silverman, Marc Maron, Pete Holmes, and Arj Barker before the festival closes.

I’m also planning on seeing Pacific Rim again. We went a couple of weeks ago and loved it, so I’m going to go one more time. A lot of the monsters were designed by Guy Davis, who is an artistic hero of mine. His work on BPRD made it one of the best team books ever, with brilliant monsters and dynamic design work. I’m sad that the comics world has (temporarily) lost him to the world of feature films.

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